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divest from shame

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It's been a couple of ticks, it's been a rough ride. After the first asteroid impact, we were taming the face-huggers from the planet Nar-sis Authoritanus! We went through a whole thing with a mutiny against our infected cap-in after they shot a cat-ma friend for playing cards. 

So we took some time to reflect.

The Black Lives Matter and Defund The Police movement has sparked lots of questions for lots of new-comers to the 'woke' zone. About vocabulary, how to help.. What's Transformative Justice? What's Resilience?

For what was supposed to be another improvised show around the element of fire, we thought we could try to observe, listen and practice embodying Resilience as transformative justice: keeping the flame burning in a close and fractal way.

Nightlight practiced and practiced. Took the time to heal from a head injury and all sorts of bodily manifestations of the constant grieving one must do. Divested from shame and questioned what couldn't be named. Went through it, and we mean went thruuu it. To come out the other side....exhausted.emotionally detached & physically broken. Using all the tools and healing secrets discovered along the way. Also divested from shame of needing rest;--^.^--

------------------_________________                     & prioritising preservation for sustainable community aid over the immaterial ideas of the fleeting ego trip. Having to do the most impressive amount, most impressive quality of labor ever in the galaxy.:¨

In the tiniest orb of time and with a handful of crew members aboard to help, here we are, a proud 3 tick 2/5 day lonely production! Enjoy!

Just This Space-ship, Take Me Home!🚀




This week we check back and look to:

Resilience in the face of Academic Non-performativity

Ghosts of I/M/D past join a galactic

tea-time special

divest from shame


divest from shame

*Full length (30-45min) rough cuts of the KvsD series can be made available :


What if we could rest?

What if we didn’t need a third eye in the back of our heads?

What if we could speak, dance, breathe without worrying about misrepresenting our race?

What if the Turks had won?

What if the Romans were barbarians?

What if «universal» history started at the start?

Humans all come from Africa.

What if North Africa had no oil?

What if we still celebrated Algerian independance day with cheerleaders in mini skirts and laughing off fundamentalists?

What if we could still wear bikinis at the beach?

What if we could complain about not wearing bikinis without «betraying» our kind, without being understood as validating the uncivilised narrative?

What if Algeria won over France in football?

What if they finally allowed the game to take place?

What if I stopped worrying about people getting hurt or dying around me for a moment?

What if I could play dress up with all my family in a big house in the countryside for a week if I pleased?

What if my dreams didn’t have to wait?

What if I could just study like my friends can, without all the rest?

What if weed was covered by health insurance?

What if my health didn’t have to wait?

What if I could be fully myself with all of my family?

What if people understood me when I spoke without filters?

What if I could sleep?

What if more black and brown people were in my school?

What if more black and brown femmes were in higher institutional and financial positions?

What if all history books looked more like wikipedia?

What if our premises for knowledge, myth and story were all different?

What if community building had more international power than finance?

What if I could actually work on my work?

What if all forms of (free) labor were recognised?

What if I was paid? What if we were really decolonised?

What if steady effort took over urgency?

What if we could rest?

divest from shame



KABK vs. Diversity

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den haag?
winter blues party podcastMirjam Pol with Leyla-Nour Benouniche and Malik Saïb-Mezgiche
00:00 / 26:43

This soundscape of resilience work on repeat was the best way Nightlight found to materialize the mental load of pushing through a reality while experiencing it.*

The sticky note rain.


This week we check back and look to:

Resilience in the face of Academic Non-performativity

Ghosts of I/M/D past join a galactic

tea-time special

Fuck you, pay meNightlight
00:00 / 07:30

Galactic Tea-time Reads

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Intersections of cultural politics in imaginary times

Leyla-Nour Benouniche



tracing violence


Ari Snow


A Creative’s QUEERtique
on The Development of Indonesian Identity

Latisha Horstink


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* «I collapse sound to create a frequency of discord and meditation, a fundamental paradox of pushing through a reality while simultaneously experiencing it.»

-Rasheeda Philipps

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"You cannot hurt me. I can only be healed." - Princess Nokia

Play is another form of rest. It is a suspension of responsibility to prioritize pleasure. It is a form of necessary labor of self-maintenance that is structurally erased and withheld from the marginalized.

Only when you experience pleasure, can you know the possible best state you can be in, and then you owe it to yourself and others to seek it out. It sets standards and goals. In other words, it allows for hope, even idealism, coexisting with this pragmatic wokeness.


"What we need is a culture where the common experience of trauma leads to a normalization of healing."

- Adrienne Maree Brown

I want to create and mediate a space for this culture to grow.


This project is informed by POC-lead formats centering mental health and community organizing, pedagogy and archiving. Url or Irl, it borrows a hybrid format, sometimes coined in the Arabfuturist practice as 'performance/lectures', even if they take place digitally or do not relate directly to a performative practice.

Keeping Emergent Strategy, Pleasure Activism, Black Power Naps and Black Quantum Futurism, among others in mind, as we play and rest, heal and build trust from our isolated space crafts.


"We are constantly on the edge of our next crisis, internal and external, to the point where this instability is the new landscape of social struggle. It is useful to classify the economic and ecological disruptions that make up this «new normal» of instability into two groups: shocks and slides.(...)One of our key roles, as social movements, must be to harness the shocks and direct the slides". - Adrienne Maree Brown

However far aggressive 'wokeness' has gotten us, to place it at the heart of social justice work is unsustainable. The -isms and -phobias of our instersecting identities are experienced as a constant physical and mental threat which mass produces a state of survival in us. It’s a fight or flight situation. This is a trauma.

So we need to rest to process the trauma, to be sustainable as human beings and in everything we do. To learn more about the voids in people's needs that can be filled by community support and feed affected communities' self determination and leadership of this social struggle, in sometimes informal spheres.

The Crew


For more information do not hesitate to contact us on our facebook Just This Palace, or contact Nightlight directly for specific inquiries!

Space Safari Jones

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With Special Thanks to :

Radio hosts Berk Duygun and Carlos Eperon Beltran

Expert interviewees Latisha Horstink and Ari Snow

Expert constultant Sydney Rahimtoola

OG space magician Malik Saïb-Mezgiche

and everyone from the KSU

and everyone else who added their stone to the castle, or the riot.

Just This Space-ship, Take Us Home!🚀

KABK - I/M/D Graduation Project

Leyla-Nour Benouniche


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