divest from shame


It's been a couple of ticks, it's been a rough ride. After the first asteroid impact, we were taming the face-huggers from the planet Nar-sis Authoritanus! We went through a whole thing with a mutiny against our infected cap-in after they shot a cat-ma friend for playing cards. 

So we took some time to reflect.


Try to click on everythiiing

The Black Lives Matter and Defund The Police movement has sparked lots of questions for lots of new-comers to the 'woke' zone. About vocabulary, how to help.. What's Transformative Justice? What's Resilience?

For what was supposed to be another improvised show around the element of fire, we thought we could try to observe, listen and practice embodying Resilience as transformative justice: keeping the flame burning in a close and fractal way.

Nightlight practiced and practiced. Took the time to heal from a head injury and all sorts of bodily manifestations of the constant grieving one must do. Divested from shame and questioned what couldn't be named. Went through it, and we mean went thruuu it. To come out the other side....exhausted.emotionally detached & physically broken. Using all the tools and healing secrets discovered along the way. Also divested from shame of needing rest;--^.^--

------------------_________________                     & prioritising preservation for sustainable community aid over the immaterial ideas of the fleeting ego trip. Having to do the most impressive amount, most impressive quality of labor ever in the galaxy.:¨

In the tiniest orb of time and with a handful of crew members aboard to help, here we are, a proud 3 tick 2/5 day lonely production! Enjoy!

Just This Space-ship, Take Me Home!🚀