irl Project

Combined with well placed openings and thin, lightweight, recycled foam parts, these modular pieces are perfect for the nomadic or informal Resilience organiser.

Inspired by the North African 'qaada' or hammams, these fluff piles are easy to carry and set up to help facilitate Resilience work through:





Colors and Textures

The particular phrases and motifs used in the designs will serve as a support for those concerned.



The graphic tiles are destined for eco-friendly jacquard knitting while the qr code designs soon join lighter more flowy fabrics.

It can be hard to divest from over/re-explaining basic concepts. 

In those moments, you can:

- point to one of the messages

- suggest to scan the qr codes of the patterns to be referred to resources

- if all else fails, "GOOGLE IT"s will be spread all across


Sustainability is key.

Keep moving, it's ok.


A mix of organiser or artist punchlines, day to day expressions and spiritual motifs from North African culture, these intention filled devices serve to preserve both the mind and the heart.



Experiments & Iterations

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The pillows are a sort of 'Mark II' of previous iterations. After several exhibitions, events, interviews and nomad talkshows, it all went up in smoke.

In true application of Emergent Strategy, the project drew from the work it's energy and community, and oriented the shock towards resilience and healing.

It now keeps shifting and adapting to the shock and coming slide of this collective health crisis and keeps growing.




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In the midst of the busy market place, a strange bubble of calm and coolness sits below eye level. The odalisques have been freed from their representations and their professional bonds. They are now lounging on exuberant makeshift canapés and composite their new world order. They speak of wild chases and sordid revenges, of liberated spirits and curves, of healing. They express their gaze on it all. It’s their turn to speak and not be spoken for.