Sketch drawn from archival photographes of Indigenous women of Algeria during colonial rule

This thesis explores a budding phenomenon, imagining pockets of possibility in a synchronic and global way. It explores how its participants deal with internalised bias, practice pleasurable resistance and organize for future communities. We will see the generative and the destructive uses of memory, identity, and embodiment, and how these emergent methodologies engage with speculation.

A continuous motion



But there is something happening in Europe,-

-Dancing on the ruins of the post-orientalist stage; in the desert of the unreal; high on the opulence of emptiness. -Something is happening in Europe-

-The internet as a public square,-

Arabfuturism celebrates the temporalities of our colla
borative genealogies-

Sulaiman Majali reflects on the resulting alignment of diverse struggles protesting the “hegemonic stance on European people of colour” gaining exposure in recent global shifts. In a “growing discourse, within Europe, surrounding the policing and censoring of brown minds(...) the power to define has never been more contested.”

This thesis is a collection of observations, dreams, theories and reflexions imagining the destructive but more importantly, the generative potentials of new media and the shifting paradigm, with an analysis informed by past cycles of oppression and its evolving tools. To do so we will understand the origins and warped functions of processes of epistemicide within official structures and how its Orientalist fictions translate to cultural production. We will then explore alternative, informal spaces of imagination and how they can free targeted communities from those representations, before exploring further radical approaches to speculative fiction in socially active cultural politics.

cover thesis

Mantras, spells, witchcraft, superstitions and ancient Islamic esoteric practices have also shown themselves to be a collective language which inspires remix, like this one, original spelled with the word 'Abracadabra' is meant to protect your home.